Vital Tips to Promote Your Student Resume to Land your First Job

You were looking for a job, and your resume doesn’t say anything impressive about you because you are still a student?

When it comes to fulfilling your dream job, you get only one opportunity to make a first impression. Getting the interviewer’s response, impressing him is your main task, as the author of this article correctly states:  You must succeed in this! And for this you need to know about promoting a resume.

There are many other ways to fill up your resume during training. These tips are guaranteed to improve your resume and bring you one step closer to getting the job you always wanted.

Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

Be active on social networks

Social networks are becoming increasingly necessary, and employers’ knowledge of how to use them is considered a big plus. Among all platforms, Linkrdin is considered the most serious and career-oriented, so creating a business profile with the help of professional linkedin writer will be a big plus. Build a strong social media presence across platforms and include links to your accounts in your resume so potential employers can see them.

A word of advice: always make sure that there is nothing in your profiles that you do not want your potential employer to see!

Focus on achieving results

With so many students and graduates who are looking for work, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd and be suitable for future employers.

You may still be years before graduation, but it’s never too early to start raising your resume. Take a look at this guide to find out how.

In today’s competitive labor market, it is difficult to evaluate your dream job only with good grades. You need to do extra work to stand out from the crowd.

student job

Get a part-time job

Even if you take on work that is not related to what you want to do, later it shows that you are able to manipulate different things at the same time and have a good work ethic.

A part-time job is a great work experience that will make your future employer more impressive. The presence of previous work (even if it is in a completely unrelated field) demonstrates that you know how everything works outside the “university world”.

Many companies offer employment with short experience to give students an idea of ​​everyday work. Contact the company you are interested in and ask if they will take you for a week or two.

Despite the fact that these jobs are usually not paid, you will learn a lot, get acquainted with industry representatives and prove to future employers that you are committed to your chosen career path.

Take the lead in a community or club

Indeed, a regular membership of your university’s football team, for example, will not give your resume a significant advantage over your peers. But it will certainly play a leading role in the training of certain skills. From it you will receive valuable skills that will certainly impress potential employers.

Attitude towards responsibility is a feature that is highly regarded by employers. Being an active member of the student union, you show that you take matters into your own hands, and do not sit and wait for something to change. Make sure you highlight what you have achieved in your resume, whether it’s launching a campaign or participating in a prominent university role.

Volunteer work

Take part in volunteer work! This will give you a rewarding experience, but also highlight your resume. This will help you gain important experience and show that you care about improving the lives of others. Most universities advertise online volunteering opportunities, so watch and get involved!

Write for a student newspaper

If you are thinking of a career in journalism, you should definitely join your university’s student newspaper. When applying for a job in such a competitive field, practical experience is crucial.

As a student journalist, you will gain many skills that will allow you to stand out among all other job seekers. Even if you are not interested in being a journalist, writing articles for college will give you a lot of research experience, interviews and a very resourceful one. And most importantly, it will also be fun to find new stories.

Learn new skill

Use your holidays to learn useful skills that will look good on your resume. You can sign up for a language course or become an expert in website development or learn something else. Such courses are often offered by your university and are much cheaper than in other places, so make the most of your student discount to expand your skill set.

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