Spring 2014

  • Margaret Ramos-Miller, B.S. in Biology

Fall 2013 

  • Liliana Huerta, B.S. in Technology Leadership and Innovation

Spring 2013

  • Kathryn G. Stwalley,  B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience

Fall of 2012

  • Izamar Ontiveros, B.A. in Political Science

Spring of 2012

  • Stephanie Nicole Campos, B.A. in Spanish and English
  • Jamie Sanchez, B.A. in Movement and Sports Science
  • Ginger Burton, B.Tech in Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Alyssa Vasquez, B.S. in Movement and Sports Science
  • Kristina Morgan, B.S. in Movement and Sports Science

Fall of 2011

  • Amelia Anel Mota, B.A. in Spanish and B.S. in Animal Agribusiness 
  • Mariana De La Garza, B.A. in Political Science

Spring of 2011

  • Anna Maria Barajas, B.A. in Law and Society
  • Afton Michelle Crews, B.S in Aviation Technology concentration Aviation Management, minor OLS, Masters in Homeland Security

Spring of 2010

  • Diana Carolina Haro, B.A. in Law and Society
  • Rhiannon Vela, B.A. in Orientational Leadership and Supervision

Summer of 2008

  • Lucila Cortez, B.A. in Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Spring of 2009

  • Tanya Montoya, B.A. in Spanish and Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Spring of 2008

  • Vanessa V. Reyes, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), B.S. Management
  • Brenda Mata, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology

Fall of 2007

  • Joselia Barrios, B.A. Spanish Languages and Literature
  • Sandra Patino, B.S. Aviation Technology
  • Lorena Seitz, B.S. Nursing

Spring of 2007

  • Susana Del Real Alvarez, B.S. Retail and Sales Management
  • LaKara Rochester, B.S. Law and Society
  • Christa A. Wessels, B.S. Animal Science, M.A. Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (Ball State University, 2008)

Fall of 2006

  • Kimberley R. Gomez Negron, Assoc. in Veterinary Technology

Spring of 2006

  • Stephanie Gonzalez, B.A. English and Spanish Languages and Literature
  • Maria Elena Munoz Del Real, B.S. Selling and Sales Management
  • Griselda Ayala, B.S. Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Gabriela Garcia, B.A. Psychology, Purdue Calumet

Fall of 2005

  • Yasmin Fuentes, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Spring of 2005

  • Erica Guzman, B.S. Selling and Sales Management
  • Adriana Garcia, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management and Nutrition

Spring of 2004

  • Leticia Nevarez, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management

Fall of 2003

  • Sanam Manji, B.S. Retail Management

Spring of 2003

  • Jeannette Englert, B.A. Spanish Language
  • Diana Nevarez Rizvi, B.S. General Health Sciences

Fall of 2002

  • Bhavna Kaushal Thapar, B.S. Selling and Sales Management

Spring of 2002

  • Smyrna Rivera, B.S.N. Nursing, Purdue Calumet
  • Luz Margarita Serrano, B.S. Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Michele L. Ulloa, B.A. Law and Society, Minor Spanish and Psychology
  • Bianca Mata Cano, B.S. General Health Sciences
  • Maricela Garcia, B.S. Retail Management and Apparel Design and Technology
  • Cynthia Santos, B.S. Industrial Engineering and Management, MBA Business Management (Polytechnic
  • University of Puerto Rico, 2009)

Fall of 2001

  • Anu Gupta, Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Maria Lule, Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Marisol Cisneros Schutte, Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Vandana Advani, B.A. Public Relations

Spring of 2001

  • Florece Mitchell, B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Isabelita Marie Strong, B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology, Purdue Calumet
  • Araceli Sanchez Carrasco, B.S. Business Management
  • Charlene Mounsamruath Keller, Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Karla Mina, B.A. Communication

Summer of 2000

  • Angelica Gutierrez Mellouk, B.S. Audio and Speech Science, B.A. Foreign Languages

Spring of 2000

  • Trinidad Lopez Padilla, B.S. Audiology and Speech Science, M.S. Speech-Language Pathology (2003)
  • Mayra Chaz Cardona Banos, B.A. Physical Education, M.S. Occupational Therapy
  • Desiree Montano Rosario, A.S. Business Administration, B.S. Human Resources, Purdue Calumet (2001)
  • Alisia Munoz Munoz, B.S. Medical Technology

Spring of 1999

  • Farawahida Mdnzri, B.S. Electrical Engineering
  • Danielle Ramirez, B.S. Consumer and Homemaking Education
  • Maria Theresa Carino, B.A. Communication and Sociology
  • Amy Campbell, B.A. Spanish Education
  • Hana Shatara, B.S. Food Science

Fall of 1998

  • Shea Rouselle, B.A. Photography

Spring of 1998

  • Roopa Modur, B.S. Management, M.A. Public Policies (University of Chicago, 2009)

Fall of 1997

  • Loha Pereria, B.A. Communications, Minor in Psychology

Spring of 1997

  • Jennifer Ludlow Hemphill, B.S. Movement and Sport Science, M.A. Gerontology (UNC – Charlotte 2000)
  • Cynthia Vinasco, B.A. Communication and Public Relations
  • Rosana Girald, VMD – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Summer of 1996
  • Jocelyn Borrero, B.A. Communications, Minor in Tourism

Spring of 1996

  • Evalisse “BiBi” Quinones, B.S. Business Management
  • Precious Vargas, B.S. Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Purdue Calumet
  • Maria Lugo, B.S. Agricultural Sciences
  • Penelope Lora Ramirez, B.S. Aeronautical Engineering

Spring of 1995

  • Anna L. Gonzalez, B.S. Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Yolanda Esparza, B.A. Physical Education/Health Promotion, M.A. Social Work (Our Lady of the Lake University)
  • Denise Vasquez, B.S. Animal Science
  • Rafaela Romero-Santana, B.A. Spanish, M.A. Spanish (1998)
  • Jennifer Krasnick Boswell, B.A. Psychology

Spring of 1994

  • Giselle Andolz, B.S. Management, B.A. Social Studies Education (2003)
  • Nahir Gonzalez, B.S. Management with a specialization in Marketing

Spring of 1993

  • Monica Santiago, B.A. Law and Society, Juris Doctorate J.D. (Northwestern School of Law, 1996)
  • Laura Mejia Ayala, B.A. Visual Communication Design
  • Guadalupe Acevez Cavazos, B.A. Communication
  • Rosa Ana Fernandez-Mills, B.S. Management and Finance

Fall of 1992

  • Sylvia Medellin, B.S. General Management
  • Rosita Serrano-Severin, B.A. Political Science, Juris Doctorate

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